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UV Star Formation Rates in the Local Universe
We measure star formation rates (SFRs) of ≈50,000 optically selected galaxies in the local universe (z ≈ 0.1)—from gas-rich dwarfs to massive ellipticals. We obtain dust-corrected SFRs by fitting the
The Galaxy Evolution Explorer: A Space Ultraviolet Survey Mission
We give an overview of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), a NASA Explorer Mission launched on 2003 April 28. GALEX is performing the first space UV sky survey, including imaging and grism surveys
The Calibration and Data Products of GALEX
We describe the calibration status and data products pertaining to the GR2 and GR3 data releases of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX). These releases have identical pipeline calibrations that are
The UV-Optical Galaxy Color-Magnitude Diagram. I. Basic Properties
We have analyzed the bivariate distribution of galaxies as a function of ultraviolet-optical colors and absolute magnitudes in the local universe. The sample consists of galaxies with redshifts and
The On-Orbit Performance of the Galaxy Evolution Explorer
We report the first year's on-orbit performance results for the Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX), a NASA Small Explorer that is performing a survey of the sky in two ultraviolet bands. The
The UV-Optical Color Magnitude Diagram. II. Physical Properties and Morphological Evolution On and Off of a Star-forming Sequence
We use the UV-optical color magnitude diagram in combination with spectroscopic and photometric measurements derived from the SDSS spectroscopic sample to measure the distribution of galaxies in the
Lyman alpha emitting galaxies at 0.2 < z < 0.35 from GALEX spectroscopy
The GALEX (Galaxy Evolution Explorer) spectroscopic survey mode, with a resolution of about 8 A in the FUV (1350 - 1750 A) and about 20 A in the NUV (1950 - 2750 A) is used for a systematic search of
Super-Helium-rich Populations and the Origin of Extreme Horizontal-Branch Stars in Globular Clusters
Recent observations for the color-magnitude diagrams (CMDs) of the massive globular cluster ω Centauri have shown that it has a striking double main sequence (MS), with a minority population of bluer
The Ultraviolet Galaxy Luminosity Function in the Local Universe from GALEX Data
We present the results of a determination of the galaxy luminosity function at ultraviolet wavelengths at redshifts of $z=0.0-0.1$ from GALEX data. We determined the luminosity function in the GALEX
Testing the Empirical Relation between Ultraviolet Color and Attenuation of Galaxies
We test the empirical relation between ultraviolet color and attenuation as derived for starburst galaxies with a wide assortment of galaxy types detected by the Galaxy Evolution Explorer and find