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A spayed female Shetland sheep dog aged 12 years was presented for examination with ataxia and hindlimb paralysis. Extradural spinal cord compression was found at the level of vertebrae C6-C7 by radiography and myelocomputed tomography. A jelly-like mass (0.6 x 1.3 cm) was removed surgically. Histopathological findings were characterized by proliferation of(More)
A 4-year-old, male Labrador retriever, weighing 27 kg, presented with abrupt clinical signs including mental retardation, circling and head pressing. The dog never ingested water by choice. An adipsia of the dog was persisted and developed to hypernatremia with artifactual hyperchloremia. Serial endocrine results and image findings were suggestive of a(More)
This study was performed to produce transgenic Korean native goat (Capra hircus) by laparoscopic embryo transfer (ET) to overcome the limitations of ET performed by laparotomy. Transgenic embryos were produced by DNA pronuclear microinjection of in vivo zygotes. The recipient goats were synchronized for estrus by using an introvaginal progesterone devices(More)
  • Y W Lee
  • 1999
Portal blood flow was measured using pulsed Doppler ultrasound in 6 dogs before and after left portal vein branch ligation. Mean portal vein blood flow velocity and mean portal vein blood flow were significantly reduced after ligation and the congestion index was increased (p < 0.01). Pulsed Doppler ultrasound studies provide valuable physiological(More)
In order to study the treatment of aneurysms, the technique of making experimental aneurysms in laboratory animals must be established. In our study, to examine the feasibility of making experimental aneurysm and selective angiography on the common carotid artery in rabbits and to determine the size of experimental aneurysm after surgery, saccular aneurysms(More)
OBJECTIVE DA-9601, an extract of Artemisia asiatica containing eupatilin and jaceosidin as active compounds, has been prescribed to treat gastritis in Asia. In recent times, sustained-release, floating gastroretentive (GR) tablets of DA-9601 are available on the market. In the present study, the physical properties and in vitro drug release profile, in vivo(More)
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