Young Won Kim

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The lateral migration of neutrally-buoyant particles transported through square microchannels has been experimentally investigated over a Reynolds number range of 0.06 Re 58.65 at the ratio of channel hydraulic diameter to particle size, λ ≈ 14. Flow Reynolds numbers are determined by applying a conventional particle-tracking algorithm to small tracer(More)
The evaporating sessile droplet of a mono/didisperse colloid on a plate is a very useful and handy technique in micro/nano/bioapplications to separate, pattern, and control the particles. Although the fundamental nature of the evaporation phenomena and its applications have been extensively proposed, the crucial forces affecting a single particle motion in(More)
GM-CSF induces proinflammatory macrophages, but the underlying mechanisms have not been studied thus far. In this study, we investigated the mechanisms of how GM-CSF induces inflammatory macrophages. First, we observed that GM-CSF increased the extent of LPS-induced acute glycolysis in murine bone marrow-derived macrophages. This directly correlates with an(More)
It is well-known that the liquid and the nanoparticles in an evaporating colloid droplet on a hydrophilic surface move radially outward for the contact line to maintain its position. However, the motion of micro/nanoparticles in an evaporating didisperse colloid droplet has not been reported to date. In this study, an experiment on an evaporating didisperse(More)
The complications of transobturator tape (TOT) were known as lower urinary tract injury, postoperative urinary retention, urge incontinence, vaginal erosion, and etc. A 63-year-old woman presented with new onset of severe pain, heating, and swelling of the left thigh and perineum. She had undergone TOT implantation for stress urinary incontinence (SUI) 4(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) focusing of particles in microchannels has been a long-standing issue in the design of biochemical/biomedical microdevices. Current microdevices for 3D cell or bioparticle focusing involve complex channel geometries in view of their fabrication because they require multiple layers and/or sheath flows. This paper proposes a simple(More)
Axisymmetric flow focusing of particles in a single microchannel has been proposed on the basis of the observation that a particle migrates toward the tube axis when it lags behind the fluid flow, which is supported by demonstrating that more than 90% of the particles are tightly focused within three times the particle diameter when negative electrophoretic(More)
PURPOSE To investigate improvement in nocturia and nocturnal polyuria in nocturnal polyuria patients after silodosin administration by using a 3-day frequency volume chart. METHODS This was a prospective multicenter study. We enrolled nocturnal polyuria patients (nocturnal polyuria index [NPi]>0.33), aged ≥60 years, diagnosed with the 3-day frequency(More)
Macrophages are crucial in controlling infectious agents and tissue homeostasis. Macrophages require a wide range of functional capabilities in order to fulfill distinct roles in our body, one being rapid and robust immune responses. To gain insight into macrophage plasticity and the key regulatory protein networks governing their specific functions, we(More)
Cancer cells explore a broad mutational landscape, bringing the possibility that tumor-specific somatic mutations could fall in the same codons as germline SNVs and leverage their presence to produce substitutions with a larger impact on protein function. While multiple, temporally consecutive mutations to the same codon have in the past been detected in(More)