Young-Tak Chough

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We demonstrate a coherent and dynamic beam splitter based on light storage in cold atoms. An input weak laser pulse is first stored in a cold atom ensemble via electromagnetically-induced transparency (EIT). A set of counter-propagating control fields, applied at a later time, retrieves the stored pulse into two output spatial modes. The high visibility(More)
A quantum-mechanical harmonic oscillator undergoes continuous amplitude fluctuation even in its ground state. This fluctuation, also known as the vacuum fluctuation, arises from the nonvanishing commutation relation, [a, a†] = 1, where a (a†) is the annihilation (creation) operator of the harmonic oscillator. One can make, however, the fluctuation of one(More)
This paper describes a novel atom-cavity interaction induced by periodically poled atom-cavity coupling constant which leads to multiple narrow photoemission bands for an initially inverted two-level atom under the strong coupling condition. The emission bandpass narrowing has a close analogy with the folded Solc filter in the context of quasi-phase(More)
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