Young Tae Sohn

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In this paper we consider utilization of ontologies in an agent-based virtual organization. Specifically, in the system flexible delivery of information is to be based on matching of ontologically demarcated resource profiles, work context(s), and domain specific knowledge. In this paper we introduce basic ontologies and their applications.
In our work we consider resource management in a virtual organization. The proposed approach is based on utilization of ontologies to represent structure of the organization and its domain of operations, and software agents that support workers in fulfilling various roles within the organization. In this paper we consider processes involved in a generic(More)
In our work, an agent-based system supporting workers in fulfilling their roles in a virtual organization has as its centerpiece ontologically demarcated data. In such system, ontological matchmaking is one of key functionalities in provisioning of personalized information. Here, we discuss how matchmaking will be facilitated in a duty trip support(More)
Based on the behavioral sciences and mathematical programming, we hypothesize that consumers rank durables by a value (or net value) priority approximated by utility per dollar (or utility minus price) and choose items in that order up to a budget cutoff. This paper derives these behavioral hypotheses and develops a convergent linear programming procedure(More)
As real-time broadcasting services are becoming more popular, many people are sharing live events with remote users. Despite the success of real-time broadcasting services, a number of restrictions still exist in such enriching the real-time events and indexing them in an automatic and implicit manner. In this paper, we present a social media platform to(More)
Let G = (V, E) be a graph. A function f : V → {−1, +1} defined on the vertices of G is a signed total dominating function if the sum of its function values over any open neighborhood is at least one. The signed total domination number of G, γ s t (G), is the minimum weight of a signed total dominating function of G. In this paper, we study the signed total(More)
Current surgical scheduling system has difficulties to handle unpredictable events or uncertainties. Source of uncertainties may come from the patient or the surgery itself, where several cases require immediate changes in data, such as when surgery delays or cancellation occurs on the same day. The study aimed to model the uncertainties for managing(More)
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