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PURPOSE The aim of this study was to compare the public perceptions of the incidence rates and survival rates for common cancers with the actual rates from epidemiologic data. MATERIALS AND METHODS We conducted a survey of Korean adults without history of cancer (n=2,000). The survey consisted of questions about their perceptions regarding lifetime(More)
In order to provide empirical evidence on the role of a web-based avian influenza (AI) education program for mass communication and also ultimately help young children learn and develop healthy behaviors against AI and all types of influenza, an education program with two episodic variations (i.e. fear and humor) has been developed and examined with 183(More)
OBJECTIVES This study aimed to examine the feasibility of social network analysis as a valuable research tool for indicating a change in research topics in health care and medicine. METHODS Papers used in the analysis were collected from the PubMed database at the National Library of Medicine. After limiting the search to papers affiliated with the(More)
BACKGROUND The incidence of thyroid cancer has increased worldwide. The country where the incidence has increased most is South Korea. The goal of this study is to understand the magnitude of association between opportunistic thyroid cancer screening and thyroid cancer incidence, thyroid cancer subtype, and disease-specific mortality. METHODS We used the(More)
Cancer is the most frequent cause of death in both developing and developed countries, including Korea. The aim of this study was to present survival rates of Korean cancer patients. Survival analysis was carried out with data collected under the Korea Central Cancer Registry Program, which included all cancer patients diagnosed from January 1, 1997 to(More)
While opportunities for international construction firms have been growing with globalization, the risks involved with international construction projects are increasing significantly. However, due to the complex skein of various risks, it is difficult to evaluate the severity of risk variables at the corporate level and to examine key success factors in an(More)
Recent advance of the technologies incorporated in graphics hardware has enabled general-purpose computations on graphics hardware, which can further be used for high-performance computation in low cost. In addition, the graphical processing units (GPUs) on graphics hardware demonstrates a performance/cost ratio superior to central processing units (CPUs)(More)
number one globally, with 88.6 women and 17.3 men per 100,000 population [1]. This is a 15-fold increase in just a decade. Experts were curious as to why Korea had such a high increase of cancer incidence, and they looked at previously known causes of cancer. Were there any radiation-related cancer risks such as a powerhouse in nuclear energy technology? Or(More)
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