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As smartphones become more and more popular, O2O (Offline-to-Online) applications have been spotlighted. They provide users offline data using NFC, QR, and Beacon technologies. But, there are some problems such as the high cost of server maintenance and the private data spills since they are implemented on WWW technologies. This paper suggests PWW (Person(More)
Recently it is required to improve digital signage system which supports multilingual service because of the fast-growing number of foreign tourists. The existing digital signage systems obviously support various kinds of multilingual service via the internet connection. However, unfortunately, most foreign tourists are compelled to face limitations to(More)
The prevalence of cefotaxime-resistant Salmonella enterica serotype Virchow has dramatically increased in South Korea since the first isolation in 2011. Of 68 isolates collected over 10 years, 28 cefotaxime-resistant isolates harbored the bla(CTX-M-15) extended-spectrum β-lactamase gene and were closely related genetically, demonstrating the clonal(More)
IoT (Internet of Things) technology connects network with intelligent things. The application range of this technology has been expanding through convergence with technologies from various fields. It has no certain limitation on application, rather than that it creates a new service while having convergence with existing systems and services. IoT services(More)
We report here a case with hypereosinophilia and peripheral artery occlusion. A 32-yr-old Korean woman presented to us with lower extremity swelling and pain. Angiography revealed that multiple lower extremity arteries were occlusive. The biopsy specimen showed perivascular and periadnexal dense eosinophilic infiltration in dermis and subcutaneous adipose(More)
In this paper, the reduction method of number of parameters in the segmental-feature HMM (SFHMM) can be considered. It is reported that the SFHMM shows better results than conventional HMM in the previous studies. However, its number of parameters is greater than that of HMM. Therefore , there is a need for new approach that reduces the number of(More)