Young-Sik Hong

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Effect of LiCoO2 Cathode Nanoparticle Size on High Rate Performance for Li-Ion Batteries Minki Jo, Young-Sik Hong, Jaebum Choo, and Jaephil Cho* Division of Energy Engineering, Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology, Ulsan 689-805, Korea Department of Science Education, Seoul National University of Education, Seoul 137-742, Korea Department of(More)
Li[Ni0.25Li0.15Mn0.6]O2 nanowires having an aspect ratio of several hundreds and with a diameter of about 30 nm were synthesized at a pH of 2 during a hydrothermal process at 200 degrees C for 5 h without using a template. The nanowires exhibited a first discharge capacity of 311 mA h g(-1) and a rate capability of 95% at 4C (=1200 mA g(-1)).
We prepared nanopastes containing various additives such as acetylene black (AB paste), 3,5-dinitrosalicylic acid (NSA paste) and SiC2 particles (SO paste), and these nanopastes were employed in preparation of photoelectrodes for dye sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). Photoelectrodes of AB, NSA and SO paste have characteristics of large pore size, superior(More)
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