Young-Si Kim

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The object-oriented (OO) paradigm is rapidly gaining acceptance in the software industry. However, the powerful features of this new paradigm also introduce a new set of OO software testing and maintenance problems. The pioneering work in identifying these new problems includes [7, 10-12, 14, 16, 18]. The problems can be summarized as: 1) the understanding(More)
State explosion is a well-known problem that impedes analysis and testing based on state-space exploration. This problem is particularly serious in real-time systems because unbounded time values cause the state space to be infinite even for simple systems. In this paper, we present an algorithm that produces a compact representation of the reachable state(More)
To engineer reliable real-time systems, it is desirable to detect timing anomalies early in the development process. However, there is little work addressing the problem of accurately predicting timing properties of real-time systems before implementations are developed. This paper describes an approach to the specification and schedulability analysis of(More)
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