Young Shin Shin

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BACKGROUND Sudden cardiac death is common in patients on hemodialysis (HD), and its rate is as high as 25% of all cardiac deaths associated with left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) and secondary hyperparathyroidism. A prolonged QT interval on standard electrocardiography is related to an increase in sudden death in various patient groups. It is also well(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS No definite conclusions have been reached about the natural history of patients with isolated microscopic hematuria (IMH). In this study, we observed the natural history of patients with IMH and examined factors related to a pathologic diagnosis and subsequent prognosis. METHODS We retrospectively evaluated 156 subjects with IMH who had a(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic inflammation characterized by increased C-reactive protein (CRP) levels strongly predicts cardiovascular death in both nonrenal and renal patients. We investigated the role of hemodialysis-induced elevated CRP levels on cardiac hypertrophy in hemodialysis patients. METHODS We grouped 118 stable patients as responders and nonresponders(More)
AIM Proteinuria is a primary factor requiring treatment in immunoglobulin (Ig)A nephropathy. The purpose of this study was to assess the relevance of treatment response and relapse of proteinuria with renal function decline. METHODS One hundred and twenty-five biopsy-proven primary IgA nephropathy patients who had more than 1.0 g/day proteinuria at the(More)
The aim of this study is to investigate the clinical course of patients with failed allograft according to the type of renal replacement modality. Three hundred sixty-eight patients with failed allograft were included. Of these, 233 patients started hemodialysis (HD-PSKT), 64 patients started peritoneal dialysis (PD-PSKT), and 71 patients underwent second(More)
In order to evaluate the role of anti-endothelial cell antibody (AECA) in acute rejection in renal transplantation, serum AECA IgG titers were measured in 68 healthy controls, 111 chronic hemodialysis (HD) patients and 58 first renal transplant recipients. The AECA titer in hemodialysis patients was higher than in healthy controls (13.9 +/- 5.0 vs. 4.8 +/-(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to evaluate radiocontrast-induced nephrotoxicity (RIN), and the image quality and findings of venography using small doses of radiocontrast as a venous mapping method in pre-dialysis patients. METHODS Twenty-eight patients with stage 4 and 5 chronic kidney disease underwent arm venography with 10-15 ml of dilute contrast(More)
The most important step for Paraquat analysis in post-mortem human blood (PMB) is its extraction from the specimens, as Paraquat is insoluble in organic solvents due to its ionic form. The most common extraction method, solid phase extraction (SPE), has been used for the extraction of Paraquat from PMB. However, SPE procedures are somewhat time-consuming,(More)
During World War II many surface combatants were damaged or severely crippled by close-proximity underwater explosions from ordnance that had actually missed their target. Since this time all new classes of combatants have been required to conduct shock trial tests on the lead ship of the class in order to test the survivability of mission essential(More)
OBJECTIVE Endoscopic self-expandable metal stent (SEMS) placement has emerged as an effective palliative treatment for inoperable malignant gastric outlet obstruction (GOO). In spite of successful stent placement, some patients complain of ongoing dysphagia and vomiting. Most reported data on SEMS to date are about technical success of different types of(More)
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