Young-Sang Choi

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A comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) was carried out to investigate quantitative structure-activity relationships for SH2-binding phosphopeptides. Two alignment rules were applied in our CoMFA model. The phosphopeptide backbone atoms were used for superposition in alignment I and the backbone atoms of peptide-binding residues of SH2-phosphopeptide(More)
SUMMARY We have developed a web server for the high-throughput annotation of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) called pipeline for EST analysis service (PESTAS). PESTAS processes entire datasets with an automated pipeline of 13 analytic services, then deposits the data into the MySQL database and transforms it into three kinds of reports: preprocessing,(More)
The conformational properties of azapeptide derivatives, Ac-azaGly-NHMe (1), Ac-azaAla-NHMe (2), Ac-NMe-azaGly-NHMe (3), Ac-NMe-azaAla-NHMe (4), Ac-azaGly-NMe(2) (5), Ac-azaAla-NMe(2) (6), Ac-NMe-azaGly-NMe(2) (7), and Ac-NMe-azaAla-NMe(2) (8), were systematically examined by using ab initio MO and DFT methods. Structural perturbations in azapeptides(More)
The effect of thioamide substitution on the conformational stability of an azaglycine-containing peptide, For-AzaGly-NH2 (1), was investigated for the sake of finding possible applications by using ab initio and DFT methods. As model compounds, For-[psiCSNH]-AzaGly-NH2 (2), For-AzaGly-[psiCSNH]-NH2 (3), and For-[psiCSNH]-AzaGly-[psiCSNH]-NH2 (4) were used.(More)
Hydrazine passes through two transition states, TS1 (phi = 0 degrees ) and TS2 (phi = 180 degrees ), in the course of internal rotation around its N-N bond. The origin of the corresponding rotational barriers in hydrazine has been extensively studied by experimental and theoretical methods. Here, we used natural bond orbital (NBO) analysis and energy(More)
(57) ABSTRACT An apparatus for generating a probabilistic graphical model based on a time-space structure. The apparatus includes a ?rst matrix generation unit con?gured to generate a ?rst matrix having Variables corresponding to stream data; a second matrix generation unit con?gured to classify the Variables of the ?rst matrix into either object Variables(More)
Tuberculosis, one of the world's major health problems, has become more serious due to the emergence of multi-drug resistant (MDR) and extensively drug-resistant (XDR) Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB). In this study, we performed three anti-MTB assays to evaluate the anti-mycobacterial activity of naphthofuroquinone derivatives against drug-resistant MTB.(More)
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