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Recently with rapid development of broadband network and IT technology, consumers are capable of wirelessly connecting to the internet through Access Point (AP) or 3G to conveniently browse the Internet or even receive a digital multimedia. The advancing of this technology is providing consumer with an easy access to Internet anywhere to receive services.(More)
Cloud computing has rapidly developed with emergence of various user mobile devices. Furthermore, Cloud Service Broker (CSB) is emerged, as service mediation is willing to provide profit of a cloud customer as well as a cloud service provider in cloud environment. As a result, cloud computing nowadays has the architecture, which can provide extended(More)
Numerous services are developed using cloud computing technology. It is possible to use service from remote location, not in place of local computer. Accordingly, the research groups predict that the scale of cloud service also will be grown. One of cloud computing's advantage is scalability. It can extend its service scale and range using collaboration(More)
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