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PHA synthase is a key enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs). Using a combinatorial genetic strategy to create unique chimeric class II PHA synthases, we have obtained a number of novel chimeras which display improved catalytic properties. To engineer the chimeric PHA synthases, we constructed a synthetic phaC gene from(More)
Nanopores can serve as high throughput, single molecule sensing devices that provide insight into the distribution of static and dynamic molecular activities, properties, or interactions. We have studied double stranded DNA electrophoretic transport dynamics through fabricated nanopores in silicon nitride. A fabricated pore enables us to interrogate a(More)
In order to design a method for the accurate detection and identification of food-borne pathogens, we used comparative genomics to select 70-mer oligonucleotide probes specific for 11 major food-borne pathogens (10 overlapping probes per pathogen) for use in microarray analysis. We analyzed the hybridization pattern of this constructed microarray with the(More)
Amylosucrase (ASase, EC is a glucosyltransferase that hydrolyzes sucrose into glucose and fructose and produces amylose-like glucan polymers from the released glucose. (+)-Catechin is a plant polyphenolic metabolite having skin-whitening and antioxidant activities. In this study, the ASase gene from Deinococcus geothermalis (dgas) was expressed in(More)
Klebsiella species are the most extensively studied among a number of 2,3-butanediol (2,3-BDO)-producing microorganisms. The ability to metabolize a wide variety of substrates together with the ease of cultivation made this microorganisms particularly promising for the application in industrial-scale production of 2,3-BDO. However, the pathogenic(More)
We developed an event-specific DNA microarray system to identify 19 genetically modified organisms (GMOs), including two GM soybeans (GTS-40-3-2 and A2704-12), thirteen GM maizes (Bt176, Bt11, MON810, MON863, NK603, GA21, T25, TC1507, Bt10, DAS59122-7, TC6275, MIR604, and LY038), three GM canolas (GT73, MS8xRF3, and T45), and one GM cotton (LLcotton25). The(More)
The kinetics of enzymatic surface-initiated polymerization of PHB on gold surface has been examined by SPR and the resultant polymer layers characterized by AFM and FT-IR spectrometry. The immobilized enzyme catalyzed surface-initiated polymerization of 3HB-CoA, resulting in the formation of a polymer brush on the surface. The rate of polymer growth from(More)
We demonstrate the formation of nanoscale volcano-like structures induced by ion-beam irradiation of nanoscale pores in freestanding silicon nitride membranes. Accreted matter is delivered to the volcanoes from micrometer distances along the surface. Volcano formation accompanies nanopore shrinking and depends on geometrical factors and the presence of a(More)