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Joux [10] presented a one round protocol for tripartitie key agreement and Al-Riyami et.al. [15] developed a number of tripartitie, one round, authenticated protocols related to MTI and MQV protocols. Recently, Boneh and Sil-verleg [4] studied multilinear forms, which provides a one round multi-party key agreement protocol. In this paper, we propose (n + 1)(More)
Let G(x, y) and G D (x, y) be the Green functions of rotationally invariant symmetric α-stable process in R d and in an open set D respectively, where 0 < α < 2. The inequality G D (x, y)G D (y, z)/G D (x, z) ≤ c(G(x, y) + G(y, z)) is a very useful tool in studying (local) Schrödinger operators. When the above inequality is true with c = c(D) ∈ (0, ∞), then(More)
BACKGROUND Nanoparticles (NPs) prepared from biodegradable polymers, such as poly (D,L-lactic acid-co-glycolic acid) (PLGA), have been studied as vehicles for the delivery of antigens to phagocytes. This paper describes the preparation of antigen-loaded PLGA-NPs for efficient cross-priming. METHODS NPs containing a similar amount of ovalbumin (OVA) but(More)