Young Myoung Ko

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— In this paper we consider a distributed peer-based system with a centralized controller responsible for managing the peers. For this system customers request large volumes of information such as video clips which instead of retrieving from a centralized repository of a parent organization are obtained from peers that possess the clips. Peers act as(More)
Data centers consume a phenomenal amount of energy which can be significantly reduced by appropriately allocating resources using technologies such as virtualization, speed scaling and powering off servers. We propose a unified methodology that combines these technologies under a single framework to efficiently operate data centers. In particular, we(More)
Consider a firm that sells on-line multimedia content. In order to manage costs and quality of service, this firm maintains a peer-network whereby users download files from other peers that have downloaded them in the past. The scenario can be modeled as a queueing system where the number of servers varies over time. We develop analytical models based on(More)
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