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Bacterial pericarditis has been recognized as a rare disease since the development of antibiotics. Usually, the disease is associated with underlying conditions or a seeding of infection elsewhere to the pericardium. Here we describe a case of group G streptococcal pericarditis as an initial presentation of colon cancer. A 52-yr-old man was admitted because(More)
The mainstay of asthma therapy, glucocorticoids (GCs) exert their therapeutic effects through the inhibition of inflammatory signaling and induction of eosinophil apoptosis. However, laboratory and clinical observations of GC-resistant asthma suggest that GCs’ effects on eosinophil viability may depend on the state of eosinophil activation. In the present(More)
Background: Opioid tolerance may involve activation of the N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) system. The possible involvement of the NMDA system suggests that one of the NMDA receptor antagonists, magnesium may be a useful adjunct to opioids for the treatment of postoperative pain following remifentanil infusion. Methods: For this study, 70 patients scheduled for(More)
[Purpose] This study examined the effects of auditory feedback during gait on the weight bearing of patients with hemiplegia resulting from a stroke. [Subjects] Thirty hemiplegic patients participated in this experiment and they were randomly allocated to an experimental group and a control group. [Methods] Both groups received neuro-developmental treatment(More)
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