Young Min Baek

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Although there has been much speculation regarding the strengths and weaknesses of face-to-face versus online deliberative settings, no studies have systematically compared the two. Drawing on a national sample of Americans who reported deliberating face-to-face and/or online, we examine these two deliberative settings with regard to the participants, the(More)
With the advent of social network sites (SNSs), people can efficiently maintain preexisting social relationships and make online friendships without offline encounters. While such technological features of SNSs hold a variety of potential for individual and collective benefits, some scholars warn that use of SNSs might lead to socially negative(More)
Automated Graphical User Interface (GUI) testing is one of the most widely used techniques to detect faults in mobile applications (apps) and to test functionality and usability. GUI testing exercises behaviors of an application under test (AUT) by executing events on GUIs and checking whether the app behaves correctly. In particular, because Android leads(More)
A System of Systems (SoS) consists of complex Constituent Systems (CSs), which have managerial and operational independence. As the CSs have independence, the degree of authority to control the CSs varies depending on the different types of SoS, such as directed, acknowledged, and collaborative SoS. While many researchers have attempted to model SoSs and(More)
This study investigates the relationship between selective self-presentation and online life satisfaction, and how this relationship is influenced by respondents' perceptions of "self" (operationalized by "self-esteem") and "others" (operationalized by "social trust"). Relying on survey data from 712 Korean online users, two important findings were detected(More)