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The first enantioselective organocatalytic amine conjugate addition has been successfully developed. The application of LUMO-lowering iminium catalysis has enabled the highly chemo- and enantioselective 1,4-addition of a rationally designed N-silyloxycarbamate nucleophile (HOMO-raised) to alpha,beta-unsaturated aldehydes. Imidazolidinone 2*pTSA was found to(More)
(Z)-trisubstituted allylic alcohols are widespread structural motifs in natural products and biologically active compounds but are difficult to directly prepare. Introduced herein is a general one-pot multicomponent coupling method for the synthesis of (Z)-alpha,alpha,beta-trisubstituted allylic alcohols. (Z)-trisubstituted vinylzinc reagents are formed in(More)
Strained InGaAS/AIGaAS quantum well (QW) lasers operating at 0.98 jim are currently of great interest due to their suitability for pumping erbium-doped fiber amplifiers. They are reported to yield a lower noise figure and higher gain coefficient than the 1 .48 jim InGaAsflnP pump lasers as well as 0.8 p.m A1GaAS/GaAS pump lasers. In addition, the(More)
[reaction: see text] Hydroboration of ethoxy acetylene, transmetalation to zinc, and addition to aldehydes in the presence of a chiral amino alcohol ligand (MIB) affords hydroxy enol ethers with high ee. The resultant enantiomerically enriched hydroxy enol ethers were converted to protected hydroxy aldehydes, a useful synthetic building block for the(More)
In this Communication, we outline a new one-pot, multicomponent coupling reaction that allows easy access to (Z)-trisubstituted allylic alcohols. Our strategy is based on E to Z isomerization of the 1-bromo-1-dialkylvinylborane upon reaction with dialkylzinc reagents, and subsequent transmetalation to give (Z)-trisubstituted vinylzinc species. In situ(More)
Catalytic and enantioselective synthesis of amino acids is a subject of intense interest in the field of asymmetric catalysis. Traditionally, researchers have concentrated their efforts largely on the design and discovery of enantiopure catalysts for the Strecker reaction, alkylation of tert-butyl gylcinate-benzophenone, electrophilic amination of carbonyl(More)
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