Young June Pyun

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—Tracing interactive traffic that traverses stepping stones (i.e., intermediate hosts) is challenging, as the packet headers, lengths, and contents can all be changed by the stepping stones. The traffic timing has therefore been studied as a means of tracing traffic. One such technique uses traffic timing as a side channel into which a watermark, or(More)
Current peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing applications are remarkably simple and robust, but their inefficiency can produce very high network loads. The use of super-peers has been proposed to improve the performance of unstructured P2P systems. These have the potential to approach the performance and scalability of structured systems, while retaining the(More)
—Attacks launched over the Internet have become a pressing problem. Attackers make use of a variety of techniques to anonymize their traffic, in order to escape detection and prosecution. Despite much research on attack attribution, there has been little work on optimizing the number and placement of monitoring points for identifying the source of attacks(More)
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