Young Jun Song

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We report an in-plane optical spectroscopy study on the iron-selenide superconductor K 0.75 Fe 1.75 Se 2. The measurement revealed the development of a sharp reflectance edge below T c at frequency much smaller than the superconducting energy gap on a relatively incoherent electronic background, a phenomenon which was not seen in any other Fe-based(More)
The pulse rate in the human species is a significant factor in oriental medicine. Pulse wave is a potential energy which has been generated by main artery expansion from the left ventricle, transforms into kinetic energy and passes through the vessel wall to the peripheral nervous system. In this paper, observations of patterns will be used to determine the(More)
Introduction & Motivation For sensing lights by human eyes, it is more suitable to use logarithm instead of linearity. Human can recognize in detail for weak signal and roughly for large signal. Therefore logarithmic amplifier deserves to be used in image sensor. The most challenging part for CMOS logarithmic amplifier is temperate compensation [1]. In(More)
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