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A structure denoted as a "bubble-nanorod composite" is synthesized by introducing the Kirkendall effect into the electrospinning method. Bubble-nanorod-structured Fe2O3-C composite nanofibers, which are composed of nanosized hollow Fe2O3 spheres uniformly dispersed in an amorphous carbon matrix, are synthesized as the target material. Post-treatment of the(More)
Extraction of high-quality RNA is a crucial step in gene expression profiling. To achieve optimal RNA extraction from frozen blood, the performance of three RNA extraction kits- TRI reagent, PAXgene blood RNA system (PAXgene) and NucleoSpin RNA blood kit (NucleoSpin)- was evaluated. Fifteen blood specimens collected in tubes containing potassium(More)
Myeloperoxidase (MPO) functions as a key molecular component of the host defense system against diverse pathogens. We have previously reported that increased MPO levels and activity is a distinguishing feature of rotenone-exposed glial cells, and that either overactivation or deficiency of MPO leads to pathological conditions in the brain. Here, we provide(More)
Fe2O3 yolk-shell particles with two, three, and four shells are prepared by one-pot spray pyrolysis. The discharge capacity of the Fe2O3 yolk-shell particles with two shells showing the best electrochemical properties is as high as 848 mA h g(-1) after 80 cycles at a current density of 300 mA g(-1).
Piperlongumine, a natural alkaloid isolated from the long pepper, selectively increases reactive oxygen species production and apoptotic cell death in cancer cells but not in normal cells. However, the molecular mechanism underlying piperlongumine-induced selective killing of cancer cells remains unclear. In the present study, we observed that human breast(More)
Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is responsible for many nosocomial and community-acquired infections, resulting in significant morbidity and mortality. A practical way to limit the spread of MRSA is early detection and proper treatment. However, screening culture for MRSA typically requires 2-3 days. The Xpert MRSA assay (Cepheid,(More)
Phase-pure anatase TiO2 nanofibers with a fiber-in-tube structure were prepared by the electrospinning process. The burning of titanium-oxide-carbon composite nanofibers with a filled structure formed as an intermediate product under an oxygen atmosphere produced carbon-free TiO2 nanofibers with a fiber-in-tube structure. The sizes of the nanofiber core and(More)
A novel structure denoted a "hollow nanosphere aggregate" is synthesized by introducing nanoscale Kirkendall diffusion to the spray pyrolysis process. The hollow Fe2O3 nanosphere aggregates with spherical shape and micron size are synthesized as the first target material. A solid iron oxide-carbon composite powder that is prepared by a one-pot spray(More)
A continuous, single-step, and large-scale preparation of Pd-catalyst-loaded SnO2 yolk-shell spheres is demonstrated. These nanostructures show an unusually high response and selectivity to methyl benzenes, such as xylene and toluene, with very low cross-responses to various interfering gases, making them suitable for precise monitoring of indoor air(More)