Young-Ju Jeong

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PURPOSE Adipocytokines, such as leptin, resistin, and adiponectin, are associated with obesity and breast cancer. Several studies have indicated that adipocytokines may influence tumor growth or differentiation. The aims of this study were to determine the expression of leptin, leptin receptor (ObR), adiponectin and adiponectin receptor (AdipoR) in human(More)
This paper describes a novel haptic mouse system which conveys kinesthetic and tactile information simultaneously in virtual environments. The haptic mouse system can provide 2-DOF translational force feedback, vibration, normal pressure, skin stretch and thermal feedback, all of which are important physical quantities of sensing object's shape, stiffness(More)
A novel inhibitory protein against blood coagulation factor Va (FVa) was purified from muscle protein of granulated ark (Tegillarca granosa, order Arcoida, marine bivalvia) by consecutive FPLC method using anion exchange and gel permeation chromatography. In the results of ESIQTOF tandem mass analysis and database research, it was revealed that the purified(More)
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