Young-Joo Suh

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All-to-all communication patterns occur in many important parallel algorithms. This paper presents new algorithms for allto-all communication patterns (all-to-all broadcast and all-to-all personalized exchange) for wormhole switched 2D/3D torusand mesh-connected multiprocessors. The algorithms use message combining to minimize message start-ups at the(More)
The legacy multicasting over IEEE 802.11-based WLANs has two well-known problems-poor reliability and low-rate transmission. In the literature, various WLAN multicast protocols have been proposed in order to overcome these problems. Existing multicast protocols, however, are not so efficient when they are used combining with the frame aggregation scheme of(More)
Providing multicast service to mobile hosts in wireless mobile networking environments is difficult due to frequent changes of mobile host location and group membership. If a conventional multicast routing protocol is used in wireless mobile networks, several problems may be experienced since existing multicast routing protocols assume static hosts when(More)
This paper presents a software based approach to fault-tolerant routing in oblivious, wormhole routed networks. When a message encounters a faulty output link it is removed from the network by the local router and delivered to the messaging layer of the local node’s operating system. The message passing software can re-route this message along a non-minimal(More)
The routing protocols designed for wired networks can hardly be used for mobile ad-hoc networks due to unpredictable topology changes, and thus several routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks have been proposed. The goal of this paper is to select the most reliable route that is impervious to failures by topological changes by mobile nodes’ mobility.(More)