Young J. Won

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— Traditionally, Internet applications have been identified by using predefined well-known ports with questionable accuracy. An alternative approach, application-layer signature mapping, involves the exhaustive search of reliable signatures but with more promising accuracy. With a prior protocol knowledge, the signature generation can guarantee a high(More)
The necessity of network traffic monitoring and analysis is growing dramatically with increasing network usage demands from individual users as well as business communities. Most network traffic monitoring and analysis systems are based on flows. One key asset with these systems is to compress a significant amount of packet data into flows. However, the(More)
Accurate application traffic classification and identification are important for network monitoring and analysis. The accuracy of traditional Internet application traffic classification approaches is rapidly decreasing due to the diversity of today's Internet application traffic, such as ephemeral port allocation, proprietary protocol, and traffic(More)
A major problem with current Internet traffic monitoring and analysis concerns the large number of newly emerging network-based applications possessing more complicated communication structures and traffic patterns than traditional applications. The amount of traffic generated by these applications, such as peer-to-peer (P2P), streaming media, games, etc.,(More)
—The traffic dynamics of the Internet's dominant applications, such as peer-to-peer and multimedia, worsen the accuracy of the existing application traffic identification. There is a strong need for both practical and reliable identification methods with proof of accuracy. This paper proposes a hybrid approach of signature matching and session behavior(More)
Several Network Coordinate Systems have been proposed to predict unknown network distances between a large number of Internet nodes by using only a small number of measurements. These systems focus on predicting latency, and they are not adapted to the prediction of available bandwidth. But end-to-end path available bandwidth is an important metric for the(More)
BACKGROUND The surgical pleth index (SPI) is proposed for titration of analgesic drugs during general anesthesia. Several reports have investigated the effect of SPI on the consumption of opioids including remifentanil, fentanyl, and sufentanil during anesthesia, but there are no reports about oxycodone. We aimed to investigate intravenous oxycodone(More)
This paper analyzes the mobile data traffic traces of a CDMA network and presents its unique characteristics compared to the wired Internet traffic. The data set was passively collected from the backbone of a commercial mobile service provider. Our study shows the highly uneven up/downlink traffic utilization nature in mobile data networks along with small(More)