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All-optical 4-bit Gray code to binary coded decimal (BCD) converter was demonstrated, for the first time in our knowledge, with the number of 12 SOAs by means of commercially available numerical analysis tool (VPI). Circuit design approach was modified appropriately in order to fit the electrical method on an all-optical logic circuit based on cross gain(More)
Web based simulation is used in various kinds of applications by providing a familiar on-line environment to use existing simulation programs. EDISON (EDucation-research Integration through Simulation On the Net) project supports web simulation service with advanced research/development contents. These advanced education-research simulation programs and(More)
We proposed, for the first time, to utilize metal-slits array Fresnel lens for the optical coupling form free space into silicon slab waveguide while overcoming near focal length limit of the conventional dielectric Fresnel lens. Physical limits of the conventional Fresnel lens were revealed and it was proposed to employ metal-slit array to overcome these(More)
SystemC is a popular open source library in C++ for developing embedded system design, from the abstract System Level Design until the accurate Register Transfer Level Design. SystemC simulation, however, runs in console mode (text-based), thus making it difficult for user to interact with the simulation. To extend the capabilities of SystemC simulation, it(More)
For the first time, we suggest the application of NOR-only two-level simplification method for the construction of flexible all-optical digital logic circuit. Arbitrary Boolean function operation and decoding of gray code to binary coded decimal (BCD) are demonstrated with the suggested approach.
We propose a novel SOA-based nonlinear optical gate structure which uses a reflected input signal for the generation of cross gain modulation effect, instead of the conventional CW saturating tone. Comparison of the structures shows little or no degradation in the performances with the introduced modification for a highly integrated, simpler structure.
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