Young J. Joo

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spectra and experimental data (dashed lines). Because of the complexity of the overlap, it is only possible to calculate the spectra for the relatively resolved resonance which moves from about 150 to 140 ppm as a function of exchange. The exchange spectra were computed assuming a two-site exchange (see caption to Figure l ) , and no correction was made for(More)
Late Cretaceous carbon isotope curves generated for localities in Europe, Asia, and the deep-sea records have provided the foundation for development of a contiguous, intercontinental chemostratigraphic framework. Despite the development of carbon isotope records from selected stratigraphic intervals in the Western Interior Basin, however, a comprehensive(More)
The objective of this study is to investigate the distribution characteristics of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) congeners in sediments of the lower Nakdong River of Korea. The sediments were collected using a grab sampler in May 1999. PCBs were extracted in the Soxhlet extractor and cleaned by using adsorption chromatographic techniques and concentrated(More)
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