Young-Hyun Lee

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*Name of journal (for papers), publisher (for books), university and editors (for thesis), conference (for proceedings. ABSTRACT Most metal-forming processes are non-linear, non-stationary and time-variant. Nonetheless, linear controllers or LTI-control systems are used for many of these processes. Because of their simplicity of application, fuzzy(More)
The stability margin for Tracked Vehicle that are sufficient conditions for safe. The stability margin bases on energy stability level at each edge of support boundary. Similarly, this concept takes into consideration the instantaneous change of machine's center of gravity position while the manipulator swings with a constant velocity. Moreover, inertial(More)
With an increasing proportion of the elderly, dementia due to severe cerebral white matter change is frequently observed. Because these patients cannot express their symptoms effectively, the recognition of stroke can be delayed. In addition, clinical characteristics of their stroke might be different. We reported on three patients with severe(More)
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