Young-Huang Chou

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We present the timing analysis results for our observations of the x-ray dip source X1916-053 conducted with RXTE between February and October of 1996. Our goal was to finally measure the binary period-as either the x-ray dip period or ∼1% longer optical modulation period, thereby establishing if the binary has a precessing disk (SU UMa model) or a third(More)
In this paper, grating metal structures with broad and flat back-scattering field patterns are studied for possible applications in a vehicle collision avoidance system. The two-dimensional TE scattering of a planar grating structure and a curved grating structure are analyzed at a frequency of 77 GHz. For the planar structure, the method of moment together(More)
We report the EXITE2 hard X-ray imaging of the sky around 3C273. A 2h observation on May 8, 1997, shows a ∼260 mCrab source detected at ∼4σ in each of two bands (50-70 and 70-93 keV) and located ∼30' from 3C273 and consistent in position with the SIGMA source GRS1227+025. The EXITE2 spectrum is consistent with a power law with photon index 3 and large low(More)
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