Young-Hoon Cheon

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Multiple dopamine receptors in the dopaminergic system may be prime candidates for genetic influence on alcohol abuse and dependence due to their involvement in reward and reinforcing mechanisms. Genetic polymorphisms in dopamine receptor genes are believed to influence the development and/or severity of alcoholism. To examine the genetic effects of the(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare differences of the psychological burdens between young male transsexuals and age-gender matched non-transsexuals with standardized psychiatric rating scales in Korea. A total of 43 biologically unrelated young male transsexuals and 49 age-gender matched non-transsexuals participated in the study. All subjects(More)
The dopaminergic neurotransmission system is one of the major factors in development of alcoholism and also contributes to anxiety and depression. In this study, the associations of the dopamine receptor type 2 (DRD2) polymorphisms with the symptoms of anxiety were analyzed. A total of 573 alcoholics and 273 controls were enrolled in the study from the(More)
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