Young-Ho Park

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As Koblitz curves were generalized to hyperelliptic Koblitz curves for faster point multiplication by Günter,et al [10], we extend the recent work of Gallant,et al [8] to hyperelliptic curves. So the extended method for speeding point multiplication applies to a much larger family of hyperelliptic curves over finite fields that have efficiently-computable(More)
In [12], Okeya and Sakurai showed that the simple version randomized addition-subtraction chains countermeasure [14] is vulnerable to SPA attack. But their analysis method is not able to be applicable to the complex version [14]. In this paper, we show that Okeya and Sakurai's attack algorithm has two latent problems which need to be considered. We further(More)
Delegation of signing capability is a common practice in various applications. Mambo et al. proposed a proxy signatures as a solution for delegation of signing capability. Proxy signatures allow a designated proxy signer to sign on behalf of an original signer. After the concept of proxy signature scheme was proposed, many variants are proposed to support(More)