Young Ho Ju

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Equol is a metabolite produced in vivo from the soy phytoestrogen daidzein by the action of gut microflora. It is known to be estrogenic, so human exposure to equol could have significant biological(More)
Previously our laboratory has shown that the soy isoflavone, genistein, stimulates growth of human breast cancer (MCF-7) cells in vivo and in vitro. In this study, the dose-response analysis of(More)
We hypothesized that the phytosterols beta-sitosterol (BSS), beta-sitosterol glucoside (BSSG), and Moducare (MC; BSS:BSSG = 99:1) could modulate the growth of estrogen-dependent human breast cancer(More)
Genistein and daidzein are the main isoflavones in legumes. Equol is an intestinal bacterial metabolite of daidzein. In this study, we evaluated the estrogenic potential of daidzein and synthetic(More)