Young-Hea Kim

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We analyzed 6749 lines tagged by the gene trap vector pGA2707. This resulted in the isolation of 3793 genomic sequences flanking the T-DNA. Among the insertions, 1846 T-DNAs were integrated into genic regions, and 1864 were located in intergenic regions. Frequencies were also higher at the beginning and end of the coding regions and upstream near the ATG(More)
We have developed a binary T-DNA vector, pGA2717, that contains the promoter-less β-glucuronidase (gus) gene adjacent to the right border and the promoter-less green fluorescence protein (gfp) gene next to the left border of the T-DNA. Therefore, inserting T-DNA into a gene can result in the activation of either gus or gfp. A total of 12 169 T-DNA(More)
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