Young H. Chun

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In this study, we investigated the effects of the ethanol extract of aerial parts of Raphanus sativus L. (ERL) on breast cancer cell proliferation and gene expression associated with cell proliferation and apoptosis in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells. The MDA-MB-231 cells were cultured in the presence or absence of various concentrations (100, 200, or(More)
Sometimes a complex software system fails because of errors undiscovered in the design stage of the development process. Detecting these errors early in the process would eliminate many downstream problems. The so-called ‘‘capture–recapture’’ model, initially used by biologists to estimate the size of wildlife populations, has been widely used to estimate(More)
We consider the problem of selecting the single best choice when several groups of choices are presented sequentially for evaluation. In the so-called group interview problem, we assume that the values of choices are random observations from a known distribution function and derive the optimal search strategy that maximizes the probability of selecting the(More)
A complex product, such as a software system, is often inspected more than once in a sequential manner to further improve its quality and reliability. In such a case, a particularly important task is to accurately estimate the number of errors still remaining in the product after a series of multiple inspections. In the paper, we first develop a maximum(More)
This paper formulates and discusses a series of sequential decision problems of the following common structure: A decision alternative of multiple attributes-that is, a job, an employee, or an investment alternative-is to be selected within a certain fixed length of time. An unknown number of alternatives are presented sequentially, either deterministically(More)
This article deals with the group interview problem, in which each group contains several alternatives and each group of alternatives is presented and evaluated sequentially over time. We derive the optimal selection strategy for the group interview problem with a general utility function. Among the various types of utility function, we focus on the best(More)
One of the basic assumptions in Bayesian inspection models is that we have some prior knowledge about the number of defects in a certain product or software system. The prior knowledge can be often described as a probability distribution (e.g., Poisson distribution). In the paper, we propose three conditions that should be put forth as desirable properties(More)