Young-Gab Kim

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Recent developments in information systems (ISs) have resulted in a critical need for integration and retention of heterogeneous ISs in various domains, using their commonalities. Stovepipe systems have been developed because of inconsistencies in planning architecture among stakeholders. Several countries are currently adopting enterprise architecture (EA)(More)
Information security is a crucial technique for an organization to survive in these days. However, there is no integrated model to assess the security risk quantitatively and optimize its resources to protect organization information and assets effectively. In this paper, an integrated, quantitative risk analysis model is proposed including asset, threat(More)
In ubiquitous environment, users can access information anytime and anywhere via personal portable devices such as a cellular phone or a PDA. Therefore, unlike traditional approaches for access control, access control model should consider user's situation information such as location, time, and system resources. In this paper, SA-RBAC (situation-aware(More)
OSGi service platform is the core platform of a gateway in the home network. One of the most important issues is security in the home network because the usage scope of the home network is related to a personal living space. However, the solutions related to the security are in their infancy, and if we apply the existing security techniques as they are,(More)
Introduction: In web robot detection it is important is to find features that are common characteristics of diverse robots, in order to differentiate between them and humans. Existing approaches employ fairly simple features (e.g. empty referrer field, interval between successive requests), which often fail to reflect web robots' behaviour accurately. False(More)
Several studies examined various features on how to most effectively detect web robots. Based on an insight that most web robots, regardless of specifics, would exhibit focused and therefore monotonous behavior, this paper proposes that monitoring the rate of behavioral change is highly effective in detecting sessions initiated by web robots. Empirical(More)