Young-Dae Son

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This paper presents a novel design method to reduce cogging torque of interior type permanent magnet (IPM) motor. In the design method, the optimal notches are put on the rotor pole face, which have an effect on variation of permanent magnet (PM) shape or residual flux density of PM. Through the space harmonics field analysis, the positions of notches are(More)
This paper presents a reduction method of vibration based on decreased cogging torque for interior type permanent magnet motor. The vibration source which affects biggest in the vibration of the interior type permanent magnet motor is the force, cogging torque, of the radius direction in compliance with a magnetic energy from between stator and the rotor.(More)
This paper relates to a vibration analysis of brushless dc (BLDC) motors using the asymmetrical <i>Z</i>-axis overhang of permanent magnet (PM). In BLDC motor, the asymmetrical <i>Z</i>-axis overhang of PM generates Z-axis thrust, which leads to Z-axis eccentric force by commutated current on the rated load and then the Z-axis vibration. The Z-axis thrust(More)
This paper presents the implementation and characteristic analysis of a drive system for a three-phase permanent magnet motor with independent excitation winding that is applicable for electric bicycles. The design features improves the phase current waveform, output power, and torque by using advance angle control. This adjusts the phase angle of each(More)
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