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Nuclear speckles are known to be the storage sites of mRNA splicing regulators. We report here the identification and characterization of a novel speckle protein, referred to as NSrp70, based on its subcellular localization and apparent molecular weight. This protein was first identified as CCDC55 by the National Institutes of Health Mammalian Gene(More)
BACKGROUND Swiprosin-1 was identified in human CD8+ lymphocytes, mature B cells and non-lymphonoid tissue. We have recently reported that swiprosin-1 is expressed in mast cells and up-regulated in both in vitro and in vivo. METHODS The expression of cytokines and swiprosin-1 were determined by by real time PCR and conventional PCR. Pharmacological(More)
Protein functions are often revealed by their localization to specialized cellular sites. Recent reports demonstrated that swiprosin-1 is found together with actin and actin-binding proteins in the cytoskeleton fraction of human mast cells and NK-like cells. However, direct evidence of whether swiprosin-1 regulates actin dynamics is currently lacking. We(More)
Swiprosin-1 exhibits the highest expression in CD8(+) T cells and immature B cells and has been proposed to play a role in lymphocyte biology through actin remodeling. However, regulation of swiprosin-1 gene expression is poorly understood. Here we report that swiprosin-1 is up-regulated in T cells by PKC pathway. Targeted inhibition of the specific protein(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between whole spectrum of Ejection fraction (EF) and cardioembolic stroke (CES) outcome has not been fully described yet. Notably, it remains unclear whether borderline EF (41∼49%) is related with poor outcome after CES. We sought to evaluate whether lower ejection fraction and borderline EF could predict the outcome in patients(More)
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