Young Chol Park

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OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy and safety of an incremental-dose regimen of terazosin (1-2 mg daily) and a fixed-dose regimen of tamsulosin (0.2 mg daily), on Japanese patients with symptomatic benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). PATIENTS AND METHODS This multicentre, single-blind, randomized trial compared terazosin and tamsulosin over 4 weeks, in 61(More)
Fifteen patients with low compliance bladder of varying etiologies (neurogenic bladder, radiation induced contracted bladder after radical hysterectomy, bladder tuberculosis and interstitial cystitis) underwent augmentation enterocystoplasty. The ileocecal tubular segment was used in 12 patients, ileal-patch in 2 and ileal-cup patch in 1. In all patients in(More)
BACKGROUND Non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic (NANC) relaxation evoked by electrical field stimulation (EFS) has been observed in the urethra, with nitric oxide (NO) considered the agent most probably mediating this effect. However, Burnstock's purinergic hypothesis suggests that ATP and related purine compounds are neurotransmitters in NANC relaxation,(More)
Cultured cells of the human urinary bladder smooth muscle are useful for investigating bladder function, but methods for culturing them are not well developed. We have now established a novel enzymic technique. The smooth muscle layer was separated out and incubated with 0.2% trypsin for 30 min at 37 degrees C. The samples were then minced and incubated(More)
Isometric contractile force of rabbit prostatic tissue in response to electric field stimulation (EFS), KCl, and phenylephrine were measured at incubation temperature of 37 degrees C, before and after thermal exposure to 42 degrees C, 45 degrees C, 48 degrees C and 50 degrees C for 30 minutes. The contractile force in response to EFS decreased after thermal(More)
PURPOSE We evaluated the effects of the nonselective beta-adrenoceptor agonist isoproterenol and the nonselective muscarinic antagonist butylscopolamine on ureteral wall tension, namely friction between an artificial stone and the intraureteral wall, in anesthetized rabbits. MATERIALS AND METHODS The relaxing effect of the drugs on the KCl induced tonic(More)
BACKGROUND oxybutynin, a drug for pollakisuria and urinary incontinence, has a potent antimuscarinic activity. This study was aimed to determine whether this drug disrupts learning and memory in rats, because antimuscarinic activity in the central nervous system is considered to cause amnesia in humans. METHODS male Wistar rats were given oxybutynin or(More)
We investigated the beta-adrenoceptor subtypes mediating ureteral relaxation in rats, rabbits and dogs. The relaxing effects of beta-adrenoceptor agonists were evaluated on KCl-induced ureteral contractions. The rank order of potency of the catecholamines tested was isoprenaline > noradrenaline > adrenaline in rat ureter; isoprenaline > adrenaline >(More)
PURPOSE We tried to determine the beta-adrenoceptor (AR) subtypes distributed in the human ureter and to clarify their functional role in ureteral relaxation. MATERIALS AND METHODS 1) Effects of beta-AR agonists on either spontaneous or KCl-induced contractions of the human ureter and the antagonism by beta-AR antagonists on isoprenaline (a non-selective(More)