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In this paper, a position sensing system using magnet and magnetic sensor for autonomous vehicle robot is designed. Magnetic sensing is a reliable technology that has been developed for the purposed of position measurement and guidance, especially for applications in autonomous vehicle robot. The magnetic fields from a sample magnet are first measured to(More)
—This paper deals with a new family of high boost voltage inverters that improve upon the conventional trans-Z-source and trans-quasi-Z-source inverters. The improved trans-Z-source inverter provides continuous input current and a higher boost voltage inversion capability. In addition, the improved inverter can suppress resonant current at startup, which(More)
Vasculopathy is a major complication of diabetes; however, molecular mechanisms mediating the development of vasculopathy and potential strategies for prevention have not been identified. We have previously reported that C-peptide prevents diabetic vasculopathy by inhibiting reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated endothelial apoptosis. To gain further(More)
C-peptide is a bioactive peptide with a potentially protective role in diabetes complications; however, its molecular mechanism of protection against cardiovascular damage caused by hyperglycemia-induced apoptosis remains unclear. We investigated the protective mechanism of C-peptide against hyperglycemia-induced apoptosis using human umbilical vein(More)
Lack of C-peptide, along with insulin, is the main feature of Type 1 diabetes mellitus (DM) and is also observed in progressive β-cell loss in later stage of Type 2 DM. Therapeutic approaches to hyperglycaemic control have been ineffective in preventing diabetic vasculopathy, and alternative therapeutic strategies are necessary to target both hyperglycaemia(More)
This paper described a method to estimate the transfer function of the system by applying DFT(Discrete Fourier Transform) to obtained time series data, and also presented a controller design method. Major parameters included in output signal were estimated using DFT. In addition, using the estimated parameters, we estimated the transfer function of the(More)