Young-Cheol Lim

Kwon-Soo Ha3
Mahendra Prasad Bhatt2
Young-Myeong Kim2
3Kwon-Soo Ha
2Mahendra Prasad Bhatt
2Young-Myeong Kim
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Vasculopathy is a major complication of diabetes; however, molecular mechanisms mediating the development of vasculopathy and potential strategies for prevention have not been identified. We have previously reported that C-peptide prevents diabetic vasculopathy by inhibiting reactive oxygen species (ROS)-mediated endothelial apoptosis. To gain further(More)
C-peptide is a bioactive peptide with a potentially protective role in diabetes complications; however, its molecular mechanism of protection against cardiovascular damage caused by hyperglycemia-induced apoptosis remains unclear. We investigated the protective mechanism of C-peptide against hyperglycemia-induced apoptosis using human umbilical vein(More)
In the conventional DC-AC inverter consisting of two DC-DC converters with unipolar output capacitors, the output capacitor voltages of the DC-DC converters must be higher than the DC input voltage. To overcome this weakness, this paper proposes a single-phase DC-AC inverter consisting of two embedded Z-source converters with bipolar output capacitors. The(More)
—This paper deals with a new family of high boost voltage inverters that improve upon the conventional trans-Z-source and trans-quasi-Z-source inverters. The improved trans-Z-source inverter provides continuous input current and a higher boost voltage inversion capability. In addition, the improved inverter can suppress resonant current at startup, which(More)
This study examined whether propofol and aminophylline affect the mobilization of intracellular calcium in human umbilical vein endothelial cells. Intracellular calcium was measured using laser scanning confocal microscopy. Cultured and serum-starved cells on round coverslips were incubated with propofol or aminophylline for 30 min, and then stimulated with(More)