Young-Chau Liu

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Morphological dynamics of mitochondria is associated with key cellular processes related to aging and neuronal degenerative diseases, but the lack of standard quantification of mitochondrial morphology impedes systematic investigation. This paper presents an automated system for the quantification and classification of mitochondrial morphology. We(More)
Areca nut (AN) is a popular carcinogen used by about 0.6-1.2 billion people worldwide. Although AN contains apoptosis-inducing ingredients, we previously demonstrated that both AN extract (ANE) and its 30-100 kDa fraction (ANE 30-100K) predominantly induce autophagic cell death in both normal and malignant cells. In this study, we further explored the(More)
Figures S1-S4 show segmentation and classification results of select cells from each treatment population. S1.2 Comparison of morphological features of different mito-chondrial subtypes Figures S5-S7 show the feature histograms of mitochondria for different subtypes. The percentages shown in the legends of these figures are the ratio of each subtype in the(More)
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