Young-Bok Ahn

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A 14-step synthesis of martinellic acid (1) that proceeds in 3% overall yield has been completed using the reaction of aniline 11 with Meldrum's acid-activated vinylcyclopropane 4 to give vinyl pyrrolidinone 12, condensation of aldehyde 13 with N-benzylglycine to form an azomethine ylide that cyclizes to give 14, selective reduction of 14 to amino alcohol(More)
High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a promising noninvasive technique that thermally ablates tumors lying deep in the tissue, but the extent of thermal necrosis is difficult to quantify with current B-mode imaging techniques. Utilizing the fact that necrotic tissue is stiffer than normal tissue, we propose a new ultrasound elastographic imaging(More)
[structure: see text]. In studies directed toward gymnodimine and related marine toxins, a single-pot variation of the Hua cyclic imine synthesis has been developed. The reaction involves generation of N-trimethylsilyl lactams in situ followed by alkyllithium addition leading directly to cyclic imines. Importantly, this reaction proceeds efficiently with(More)
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