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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are packaged software designed to integrate and optimise the business processes of an enterprise. The ERP systems have been embraced by industry as a de facto solution to integrate their business functions. The adoption of the ERP concept is a truly global phenomenon. This paper reports a recently completed survey(More)
Due to the proliferation of technologies and services related with wireless sensor network, various sensor network applications are being appeared on the stage and a lot of sensor network testing technologies are being studied. However, most of testing systems or testbeds have objective for test and evaluation of sensor network protocols. For testing(More)
A PIR sensor is widely applied for motion sensing applications such as automated door control, camera triggering and automated on-off control of lamps. In particular, it is usually used to detect the existence of moving objects in an indoor environment. However, in outdoor, false alarms come about due to environmental changes and other sources. Therefore,(More)
Using a wireless sensor network, variety applications are being developed. In this paper, considering the field of military surveillance and reconnaissance sensors in the network for network configuration in the clustering method to elect a cluster head is about technology. Clustering of a sensor nodes elect to cluster head from among the sensor nodes and(More)
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