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Para-phenylenediamine (PPD) is widely used in a variety of products, including hair dyes. Sensitization to PPD is a well-known cause of allergic contact dermatitis. However, the molecular mechanism of PPD-induced cellular toxicity remains unclear. We performed a genome-wide analysis of transcriptional responses of human HaCaT keratinocytes to an IC20 dose(More)
The application of the potential of exoproteolytic activity (PEPA) assay described in this paper concerns the determination of fixed bacterial biomass densities on drinking water pipe material coupons at pilot scale. The coupons were cut from actual distribution networks (the member governments) in Florida (USA) and were incubated in pilot distribution(More)
Interest in the nutritional value and pharmacological activities of blue-green algae has gradually increased. Spirulina extracts show protective effects against apoptosis and inflammatory damage in various cell types. Here, we investigated the protective effects of extracts from Spirulina maxima in a cytokine-mediated type 1 diabetes model in vitro and in(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare a vestibular and central nervous system to sway a head motion in the stable posture. A displacements of vestibular and central nervous system analyzed to appear the five ranges of stance, the central nervous system of normal eyes open (NO) and normal eye close (NC) showed a big variation across all condition.(More)
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