Youness Idrissi Khamlichi

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Confidentiality is an ethical necessity in health care. As for teleconsulting and telediagnosis, the use of multimedia technologies for telemedicine purposes is now gaining the ground all over the world. The progress increased however the risk of violation of the authenticity and integrity of the patient's records as the circulation of data via Internet is(More)
The Telecare Medicine Information System (TMIS) has established a connection between patients at home and doctors at a clinical center by using telecommunication systems and physiological monitoring devices. Authentication, security, patient's privacy protection and data confidentiality are important for patient or doctors accessing to Electronic Medical(More)
XML is widely used for data exchange between systems and applications. XML data are described in hierarchical form using XML schema languages such as XML DTD (Document Type Definition), W3C XML Schema or XDR (XML Data Reduced). To make these data accessible to relational database systems, which represent a dominant and efficient tool for storing and(More)
In this paper, we propose an efficient digital watermarking scheme to strengthen the security level already present in the database management system and to avoid illegal access to comprehensive content of database including patient's information. Doctors diagnose medical images by seeing Region of Interest (ROI). A ROI of a medical image is an area(More)
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