Younes Lotfi

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We present Single Event Latch-Up (SEL), Single Event Transient (SET), and Total Ionizing Dose (TID) data for a family of voltage supervisors fabricated in a 0.35-μm triple-well, mixed-signal CMOS process.
Mixed-signal integrated circuits used in space applications are exposed to solar particles and galactic cosmic rays (GCR). For earth orbit environments, the energy and composition of the particle radiation depends primarily upon the orbital inclination and the orbit altitude. However, due to the solar cycle and its interaction with the GCR, there is also a(More)
The quantitative correlation between the incident energy of a laser pulse and the Linear Energy Transfer (LET) of a heavy-ion beam is verified up to very high energy levels, by comparing the scatter plots of amplitude vs. duration of ensembles of Analog Single Event Transients (ASETs) generated with both methods in a complex CMOS RadHard Analog-to-Digital(More)
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