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Introduction: Dans le but d'étudier l'aspect toxicologique des plantes médicinales utilisées en médecine traditionnelle, une étude ethnobotanique a été réalisée à la ville de Fès au centre du Maroc. Méthodes: Ont été inclus dans l'étude tous les patients ayant bénéficié d'une prescription par l'herboriste de plantes à visée thérapeutique. La discussion de(More)
Restriction enzyme analysis of DNA and blot hybridization tests were applied for the identification of 90 herpes simplex viruses isolated. The results obtained by those methods correlated completely with typing by monoclonal antibodies in an indirect immunofluorescent assay.
Indirect immunofluorescence (IF), immunoperoxidase (IP) and seroneutralization tests were compared for detection and identification or Herpes simplex virus (HSV), directly in tissue smears or in cells inoculated with clinical materials. Detection and clear differentiation between the two HSV serotypes were obtained using rabbit immunoglobulin cross-absorbed(More)
The sensitivity of the methods used for HSV detection depends upon the stage and the transport of the collected lesions. High detection rates are achieved with early vesicular lesions rather with ulcers and scabs . Since HSV is heat-labile and to avoid loss of infectivity, specimens should be collected in transport medium and inoculated as soon as possible(More)
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