Youn-Shik Byun

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A well-known problem of OFDM is its sensitivity to carrier frequency offset which leads to inter-carrier interference (ICI) in the OFDM symbol. This ICI causes severe degradation of the BER performance of the OFDM receiver. In this paper, we propose a new ICI cancellation algorithm which estimates frequency offset at the time-domain by using cyclic(More)
Recently lattice-reduction (LR) has been used in signal detection for multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems. The conventional LR aided detection schemes are combinations of LR and signal detection methods such as zero-forcing (ZF) and minimum mean square error (MMSE) detection. In this paper, we propose the LR aided scheme based on extended noise(More)
Frequency selective fading occurs in mobile communication systems due to the Doppler effect. System performance is rapidly reduced due to the effect of multiuser interference under frequency selective channels in DS-CDMA systems. To overcome these problems, we adopted multi-carrier modulation techniques. The frequency selective channel effects can be solved(More)
In this paper, we a propose near maximum-likelihood detection (MLD) scheme for multiple-input multiple-output antenna systems over flat fading channels. The new scheme is based on utilizing an initial estimate of the received symbol and discriminate the reliability of the estimated symbol with RD algorithm. If the reliability of the estimated symbol is low,(More)
Wireless communication systems must be designed to mitigate fading to guarantee a reliable communication. In future technologies, a successful method to improve reliable communication over a wireless link is to use multiple antennas. Recently, a lot of effort has been put into designing closed-loop STBCs schemes with a full rate, full diversity and some(More)
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