Youmin Liu

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The Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) IEEE 802.17 standard is under development as a new high-speed backbone technology for metropolitan area networks. A key performance objective of RPR is to simultaneously achieve high utilization , spatial reuse, and fairness, an objective not achieved by current technologies such as SONET and Gigabit Ether-net nor by legacy(More)
A parallel controller was designed in order to realize an industry robot steady control performance. On the base of robust backstepping technique, a method for parallel control of robust backstepping and CMAC neural network was proposed for industry robot. It consisted of a robust controller designed through backstepping method and a CMAC controller. The(More)
In this paper, a novel servo turning table control method based on optimal fuzzy reasoning and disturbance observer (DOB) was studied. Optimal fuzzy reasoning contains thought of optimization and feedback, and a fuzzy-PID controller using optimal fuzzy reasoning can make the reasoning process more reasonable and enhance the robustness to some extent.(More)
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