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c-Myc serves as a crucial regulator in multiple cellular events. Cumulative evidences demonstrate that anomalous c-Myc overexpression correlates with proliferation, invasion and metastasis in various human tumors. However, the transcriptionally activating mechanisms responsible for c-Myc overexpression are complex and continue to be intangible. Here we(More)
Piwi proteins have been implicated in germ cell proliferation, differentiation, germline stem cell maintenance and transposon control in germline from Drosophila to mammals. The Piwi-like2 (piwil2) gene is mainly expressed in testis or embryonic cells among normal tissues but widely expressed in tumors. However, it remains to be fully determined through(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify protein-protein interaction partners of PER1 (period circadian protein homolog 1), key component of the molecular oscillation system of the circadian rhythm in tumors using bacterial two-hybrid system technique. METHODS Human cervical carcinoma cell Hela library was adopted. Recombinant bait plasmid pBT-PER1 and pTRG cDNA plasmid(More)
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