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and Applied Analysis 3 Next we adopt the following notation: i xn → x means that xn converges strongly to x; ii xn ⇀ x means that xn converges weakly to x; iii ωw xn : {x : ∃xnj ⇀ x} is the weak ω-limit set of the sequence {xn}. Recall that a function f : H → R is called convex if f ( λx 1 − λ y ≤ λf x 1 − λ fy, 2.4 for all λ ∈ 0, 1 and ∀x, y ∈ H. It is(More)
Let E be a real reflexive Banach space with a uniformly Gâteaux differentiable norm. Let K be a nonempty bounded closed convex subset of E, and every nonempty closed convex bounded subset of K has the fixed point property for non-expansive self-mappings. Let f : K → K a contractive mapping and T : K → K be a uniformly continuous pseudocontractive mapping(More)
The laser ablation fast pulse discharge plasma spectroscopy (LA-FPDPS) technique has demonstrated its validity to enhance the optical emission of laser-induced plasma. It has the potential to improve the performance of traditional LIBS measurement. Very recently, LA-FPDPS with a nanosecond pulse discharge circuit has been developed, which has a better(More)
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