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Trust is an important topic in information security research and is oriented to increase the reliability and performance of a web-based system in open networks. A trustworthy e-learning system is a trust-based learning system which contains reliable serving peers and useful learning resources. In this paper, a survey of trust researches in trust management(More)
This paper develops a technique for fusing data from millimeter wave (MMW) radar and infrared (IR) sensor to track maneuvering target. Modified extended Kalman filter (MEKF) is simple yet very effective in accounting for the measurement nonlinearities. The idea of fusion is to combine MEKF with pseudo sequential filter to obtain optimum state estimates. The(More)
  • Youli Wu, Huili Fan
  • 2015
Traditional algorithms of HF burst signal detection and synchronization acquisition usually can't work well under low signal noise ratio (SNR). Aiming at the character of HF channel, a reliable synchronization acquisition scheme for HF channels based on spectrum analysis method was obtained by modulated m-sequences pilots to get some dispreading gains. The(More)
In this paper, the problem of sensor registration with range gate pull off (RGPO) deception and time variance biases is solved effectively. The contributions of this paper are that the framework of sensor registration with RGPO are established, and in the measurement model a pseudo measurement only containing time invariance biases is obtained in order to(More)
Based on stochastic maximum principle, the optimal control algorithm is proposed for Markov jump system with complete information, further more, the method is extended to Markov jump system with incomplete information. The optimal controller design method is studied with statistical linearization method for Markov jump system with constrained control(More)
The comparison principle for general continuous time nonlinear Markov jump system is established. Later, using the comparison principle, we obtain some stability criterion, including stability in probability, uniformly stability in probability, asymptotic stability in probability, uniformly asymptotic stability in probability, pth moment stability, pth(More)
In order to solve the problem of the distance estimation of the infrared passive system, a distance estimation algorithm is proposed based on the optimal estimation theory of structure stochastic jump system. Considered the rapidity and the limit of the internal storage capacity of the algorithm, a simplified algorithm is derived. And the ability of the(More)